Linking between notes

How can I link between two notes in Drafts? I’ve tried copy pasting the link and the UID of one note into another note, but neither is clickable.
Is there a way to make them clickable?

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Sounds like you are still in edit mode and not switched to link mode.

Aah, yes. Thanks so much! Works perfectly now.
Is there a way to quickly go back to the note that I came from, once I click on a link?

Thanks so much.

maybe you should look at this example action group:

It includes examples how to “cross link” between drafts :wink:

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In case it is useful, it can also be done without explicitly defining a cross-link within drafts for bidirectional navigation.

** TAD-Load a Linked Draft**
Generates an ad hoc list of back linked drafts - i.e. any draft that includes any type of draft wiki-style link (title, display title, with or without the ‘d’ identifier, or a UUID link). Drafts are displayed in last modified order along with a set of information to help you distinguish similarly or identically named drafts. Selecting a draft will load it into the editor.

The references action is available in my suite of action groups and actions.

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If you follow a link to another draft, you can always return to the last draft (or other recent drafts) using the navigation menu.

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