Link mode - open app specific URL’s

I’m a major user of deep linking and iOS Url scheme. As far as I’m understanding it, Drafts seems to recognize traditional URLs in link mode and let me click out to Safari, but why not also recognize App-specific URLs?

Use case. As a teacher I often drop in app-specific URLs that will open to a specific document in another app, pull up a PDF I want at that time in the lecture, etc. Currently I write in Drafts and export to Omnioutliner so that it will pick up my app-specific URLs. But if link mode would recognize them, I could actually go round trip within Drafts.

Link mode supports many common third party app links. The issue is that for it to enable those links, the URL scheme has to be white listed in the app’s configuration files (due to iOS security features).

If there are one you use that are not working, send in the URL schemes and examples to and we’ll get them added in an update.

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Fabulous. Should have known you guys were already on it. :grin: I’ll send that right along and thanks for the tremendous work.

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