Link mode: link text formatting

Markdown links are very clearly formatted with the text in [ ] formatted differently from the actual url in ( ), except when link mode is enabled when both areas adopt the url formatting despite only the url being clickable or tapable.

I realise that this is very helpful in showing whether link-mode is enabled or not, but when it is enabled, it makes the clickable links stand out less. This is especially true where lots of links are in a draft, perhaps for an index of links.

Without being able to simulate alternatives it’s hard to suggest what might work well… swapping the colours, perhaps? Or maybe leaving the (url) text as it is - fairly faint - and changing the [text] colour. I haven’t really thought it through as you can probably tell! - except that it doesn’t look, feel quite as clear or easy to use as it perhaps could do.

If possible, it would be great if this could be considered as something (albeit minor), to try to enhance at some point.

I have a related feature request. I’ve been making more and more use of markdown links in Simpletask lists to link from tasks to project plans, web pages, emails, etc. It’d be great to make link mode function more like “preview for markdown links”, so instead of making the url the link, have the url be hidden and the link title become clickable.