Link from Finder file

How to add a link from a PDF stored in Finder or a link from a pic stored in Photos to a Drafts’ document

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by linking from a photo, perhaps elaborate on what you are trying to accomplish.

As far as links, each draft has a unique URL that can be used to open it from outside the app. The link for a draft can be copied to the clipboard using commands in the contextual menu on a draft in the draft list (press and hold on iOS, right-click on the Mac).

I want a link of a PDF document to store into a Drafts document.

Oh, sorry, it sounded like the inverse.

Drafts does not work with an attachments/external files, per se. You can use system standard file:///path/to/file URLs in Drafts text, and they will work with link mode on Mac to display the location of the file in Finder. That’s just a link to the file stored somewhere in the file system.

On Mac, you can drag a file from the finder into a Drafts document, and it will insert the path to the document - you would have to add the file:/// prefix before the path to make it work as a link.

I just started using Hookmark for this type of work.

It is a little expensive and I have not used it long enough to know if it is worth it, but it is pretty powerful.

This does not work for me.

After appending file:/// to the file and location, I turn on link mode… Link mode breaks the URL if the file name has spaces… If I delete the spaces when I click the link, nothing happens… no error message-- just that pop sound you hear when you do something wrong on OSX…

I suspect the path is inaccurate because the spaces were deleted?

How can I go about making file:///path/to/file URLs work?


You need to have valid URLs, yes. So, if there are characters (such as spaces) in the path of the file, you would need to encode those, in the case of a space that would be %20.

I expect there are tools that allow you to grab a valid file URL from the Finder, but I don’t know one off-hand. Seems like that should be a Finder feature, but I don’t think it is.

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Got it - very helpful. Thank you.