Light/Dark mode switches still pretty flaky

When switching back to Drafts after a light/dark mode change, when Drafts hasn’t been used recently (<- that part is important, this is tough to repro), it’s usually stuck on the previous mode.

And switching away + switching back to Drafts usually only changes background colors, not foreground/text… it’s weird.

iCloud video: iCloud

I have a feeling that the APIs that Drafts calls (when it wakes back up / is switched to) are either lying to it or are stale / untrustworthy.

May need to make a 2nd query, after a 1s delay maybe, to really be sure you’ve been given the right mode by iOS.

This happens to me almost daily on both iPhone and iPad. Latest version of iOS on both, latest store version of the app.

Safe to say this is likely always related to the system having changed between light-dark automatically (like on a schedule) while Drafts was running in the background?

Yeah, probably 100% of the time