Less double click on Mac

I’d love an option to be able to double-click less in the Mac version

When choosing tags, running actions

Not sure where else, or where this would bite me, but still, double-clicking is a bit annoying

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Not sure how to answer that. On Mac, and mouse-type interactions in general, a single click is reserved for selection, double click for action. Making single-clicks do actions would break a lot of other basic system interactions, like contextual menus, arrow key navigation, etc.

It doesn’t feel like I have to double-click to do things in most other apps, Drafts was feeling more like the outlier – I don’t double-click to filter by tag anywhere else – but most other apps use property panels, rather than list controls

I imagine people aren’t clicking a panel to then traverse lists via arrow keys, but are navigating there by other key combinations

You do contextual menus on the action bar without it registering a click – tho I get that’s more like a toolbar

Not feeling strongly about any of this, just has been distractingly noticeable, so thought I’d mention

Guess you are not on the beta. At least the redesigned tag filter panel addresses this need.

It seems that with Sonoma beta, double click is not a thing. I’ve noticed in Mail and Outlook that deleting an email now requires a double click at least 80% of the time. Not so before for me. Could be that Sonoma changed some defaults in these apps.

Not on the Beta either. It would be nice to run actions with a single click. (It is a small thing in an app I really like).

The Action Bar offers the ability to run actions as buttons with a single click.

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I had no idea. Thanks that was easy.

Glad Mark is settled. But reclaiming my thread. I still haven’t found another Mac app where a panel requires 2 clicks to initiate an action. The main list on Music and Podcasts does, but that’s the primary UX.

Nothing to do here, leaving for later iteration.

Also finding myself double-clicking on an action, then I go to the drafts list and double-click without thinking, and it opens up a duplicate tab

(I’m doing this all the time now – only bothering to report after I did this for like the 30th time today)