Launching a specific note in Drafts from Due

Hi everyone

I need some help launching a specific note in Drafts from a Due reminder.

Due allows for urls to be launched when completing the reminder, and I would like to be able to launch a specific note in Drafts, which I have to send to Day One at a certain time.

Can anyone help?

Go to the draft you want to link to and hit the “i” button at the top to open the info pane.

Then tap the “link” button to copy a link to that specific draft.

You should be able to paste that link into Due.

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URL step

due://x-callback-url/add?title={{Go to Draft ☳ }}[[draft_open_url]]

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Thanks. That did it. Solved the problem

What is this exactly?

Sorry for brevity originally. It’s just the callback URL scheme which, if apps support, is a means of sending info back and forth between them. Due supports xcallback, so by adding the above into a one-step URL action, you can achieve what you are after.

You can learn more here…

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I made the action, including a prompt, for you below. Just install from the action directory.

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Thanks. But I don’t quite understand. How is this different from just copying the url if the note. It solves the problem :blush:

Less steps. That’s the whole point of actions in Drafts.

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