Larger text, especially in prompts/dialogs, and respect Dynamic Text

For those (of us) with visual impairments, it can be very difficult to read some of the UI text/labels in Drafts 5. I’d appreciate it if prompts (both built-in and Action-created), and character/word count, and the drafts list (and content preview, and tags) would respect the user’s chosen Dynamic Text size.


There’s a lot of Dynamic text support in the app. For the most part I tried to match Apple’s own usage and implementation where the content respects Dynamic Text setting, and UI controls don’t always. The prompts are a bit of a gap - the text respects the settings, but buttons do not.

Drafts does not attempt to apply a Dynamic Text modifier to the editor itself, since that font is specifically selected.

The draft list, action list, all settings and editor views already use Dynamic Text classes for content elements - you should be seeing them at the same sizes as any system app, they even respond to live adjustments if you are using the control center sizing control.

Always looking to improve, but most of these things should already be respect those settings. I’ll get the prompts fixed up for sure.

It’s mostly the very small text, e.g. prompt “message” fields, the tags previews within the drafts list, and the word count label. It’s a lot more noticeable on iPad than iPhone, due to the different modes of use and thus focusing lengths.

I can take a screenshot tomorrow when I’m on the iPad again and mark up the UI elements I feel could benefit from a bump in size for comfort.

I agree that the Dynamic text selections Apple provides aren’t always great. These are set as “caption” types. It seems like the right assignment for the tags and date labels…but they are considerably smaller than the “body” class. There’s no in-between options in Dynamic Text.

Yeah. When I was doing accessibility consulting, my position was that when the user chooses a larger base text size, they’re saying that they aren’t as comfortable as they’d like to be with text below that size — which would necessarily include even smaller sizes. It’s a nuanced situation, and Dynamic Text doesn’t fully cover it, I agree. Still, I think we’d both say the label size is probably poorly chosen by Apple in that context, especially for iPad usage scenarios. If you tweaked only one thing, I’d take prompt message sizes up several notches, especially as the button labels are nicely big and readable.

Makes sense. Will see what I can do.


would like to pay someone to walk me through some of the draft 5 features and set up an apy