Kindle highlights, notes, bookmarks

I’m new to Drafts and have not written scripts before. I am going to give this a try! Any other Kindle readers out there who have tips, I’m all ears.

I read books on an old Kindle on my nightstand, on the Kindle App for iPhone, on the Kindle app for iPad, and on my Mac. I’d like to pull my favorite highlights and notes and put them into my text file reference system.

Exporting from an old Kindle pushes to the Kindle website, so I’ll have to tackle that later.

Exporting from iPhone or iPad is much easier. I started by using the share sheet to export a Kindle highlight to Drafts 5. End result is this:
“The more you explain bad events as temporary , specific , and external , the more likely you are to persist, even in the face of adversity.” from “To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others” by Daniel H. Pink

I’d like to then export this to my text files (hosted on icloud, nvALT/Simplenote to edit) with the book title as the file title.
File title: Book Title
Quote and note
URL (link to Amazon hosted

I think I can figure this out, and will try to build it this weekend. Suggestions welcomed.

Hmm. Sharing from Kindle on my iPad returns the quote above the link.

“Mabo and his people asserted that they held title to the island as the original and long-time possessors and occupiers. The nature of this and subsequent title legislation in Australia meant that claims research no longer was aimed at establishing whether or not customary practices conformed to a specific tenure model enshrined in a statute,” from “Aboriginal Rights Claims and the Making and Remaking of History (McGill-Queen’s Native and Northern Series)” by Arthur J. Ray

whereas Kindle for Mac looks like this – with a page number, making it rather more useful:

This was the legal theory that aboriginal rights were limited to traditions of pre-European contact times

Ray, Arthur J… Aboriginal Rights Claims and the Making and Remaking of History (McGill-Queen’s Native and Northern Series) (p. 88). MQUP. Kindle Edition.

Thanks a lot, Amazon :man_facepalming:
Well this might not be that easy, then. I’ll start with the format I use the most (iPad) and go from there.
Thanks for the reply!

I just have Drafts open in split view and copy/paste into a new draft. Then have a Textexpander snippet with fill-in fields for the other information. Especially useful if you are pulling quotes from a single source repeatedly. Maybe I don’t understand your question, though.

This works in iBooks, too, you just have to highlight the text, a box pops up asking what you want to do. Hit “Search the web” and then copy and paste from the search field in Google. Sounds silly, but there isn’t a way to get text out of iBooks, otherwise (unless you use screenshots, which I did for years until I started keeping everything in Drafts).

I’ll be anxious to see what solution you come up with!