Keyboard shortcuts for menu bar

The Drafts for Mac menu bar ‘item’ (capture, new draft, etc) shows keyboard shortcuts for each menu item.

I’m probably being daft but I can’t figure out how to use these as the Drafts menu bar ‘item’ doesn’t (I think) ever have focus.

Have I missed something obvious?


Of course, now I can see that they work when it does have focus, which it gets by clicking it. At which point my mouse cursor is there and so using the mouse makes more sense that a keyboard shortcut…which, I think, makes my question: Is there a way to give the menu bar item focus with a keyboard shortcut?

I particularly like the idea of a keyboard shortcut to lauch the Drafts app with ready for search critera to be typed.

There is not a global shortcut for search, or to focus the menu bar menu.

You could…

Use the global shortcut you have assigned to open Drafts main window (default: ⇧-⌘-2), then the app shortcut for search, ⇧-⌘-F.


Use another tool like Keyboard Maestro, Alfred, etc., that can open a URL to trigger an action which opens the search URL:


Alfred it is! Thanks. I’ve ‘created’ an Alfred workflow with that URL and assigned it to a shortcut.

Many thanks.

I’ve been ‘playing’ with the Mac app which I got last week (and the iOS one which I’ve had for years) far, far, too much today! My general view is that’s it’s great.

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@handythinks has created something you may find useful: Swipe my Alfred Workflow for Drafts for Mac

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