Keyboard shortcut to jump to next block in arrange mode

Just wondering if there is anyways to jump to the next block of text while editing in arrange mode from the keyboard. Thx

I see what you mean. There’s little in the way of keyboard support in Arrange Mode - as I’ve just discovered by playing with it.

I would love more function in Arrange Mode. But I wonder if one can build actions for Arrange Mode, such as selecting a paragraph.

Editing is available in arrange mode, but I would not recommend doing a lot of it, because it works as a temporary buffer and no changes you make are saved until you exit the mode.

It would be worthwhile to improve keyboard support, but if it did, those changes would be focused on the ability to move around the lines from the keyboard, not so much to better support editing.

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Ok, thanks for the response. My main use case was cleaning up some notes that are really heavy in subheadings, and I liked to be able to see the document at a bird’s eye view and rapid movement through the note. I think I’ve resolved my problem by building a theme with small font and by building a cursor move action to jump through the headings quickly.

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You might use the Next Marker and Previous Marker actions for this purpose. They are built on the syntax navigation features - which control what markers in the draft are available in the navigation menu.

In the case of the Markdown syntaxes, that is the headings.

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Mmmm. Kudos for innovative theme use. Bird’s eye view for document nav. Nice thinking.

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Lol, yeah. I have to admit to being bewildered by the point of themes initially. I really am not too fussed by colors, and like the idea of keeping things simple when writing in markdown. But a quick way to change the size is really useful. I also do a similar thing for a separate use-case: when recording pre-recorded lectures, I have one with really large font so that I can stand in front of my green screen but still read my notes. Quite handy to use a keyboard shortcut to have it all set up perfectly.