Keyboard shortcut to import file?

Is there a keyboard shortcut on ios to import a new file? Because my work disables icloud drive and documents/data, I’m looking for a workaround so I can have drafts synced across all of my ios / Macos devices. I’m using OneDrive to store .txt files so I need to import them when I want to continue working on them. I’m aware that a long press of the + sign will allow you to import file. I’m looking for a keyboard shortcut (or an action) that will allow me to import 1 file. Does this exist? If not, can this be added in ad update?

In the interim, you could bind your own keyboard shortcut to an action that runs a Shortcuts shortcut, with which, using the Get File action, you could navigate to your desired file in your preferred document provider and have Shortcuts pass the contents into a new Drafts draft.

But can you navigate easily using the keyboard through the iOS file picker? I can’t say I’ve ever tried. If not, a force/long touch on the + in Drafts is going to give you your option to import and you are going to be tapping in the screen anyway.

Shaving time off if you do it regularly is always important, but I am genuinely intrigued as to how much tactile screen time this will save you.

Good points. In the end, I still have to touch the screen because I can’t use keyboard to scroll through file lists.