Keyboard shortcut to access Command Palette?

In the Help menu, it appears that Command-Shift-P should bring up the Command Palette. However, when I type this command, I actually get a print dialogue box. I’m not sure why I’m getting this. I explored, for example, System Settings → Keyboard → and various shortcuts in there, but nothing that would bring up this print dialogue box. Anyways, I’d like to be able to bring up the Command Palette from my keyboard, so any suggested solutions would be appreciated—thanks!

You may have an action installed with that keyboard shortcut assigned which is conflicting with the menu command. Review your print-related actions in the “Actions” menu and re-assign or remove the shortcut from the conflicting action and you should be fine.

Thanks for suggesting that. I actually don’t have any print related Actions, but that did prompt me to scroll through the Actions menu, where I could see any keyboard shortcuts assigned to Actions. Unfortunately, nothing using Command-Shift-P. Any other ideas?

Maybe try: create a new empty action, and give it the same keyboard shortcut that you’re trying to track down. The interface should confirm if another action is using the same keyboard shortcut.

Also, since you’re on a Mac, is it possible that you’ve installed something else that maps keyboard shortcuts?

Good ideas, @jsamlarose . When I tried creating an Action using that combination, I get this error message: “Invalid: Shortcut reserved”. I’ve had the same thought about other Mac Apps, but I’ve checked Keyboard Maestro and BetterTouchTool, and I don’t have any using that combination.

You can also use System Settings, Keyboard, Keyboard Shortcuts to create keyboard shortcuts, so the conflict may be there. Another alternative is to use a utility such as Shortcut Detective that will tell you - with reasonable reliability - which app is intercepting a keyboard shortcut.

Yeah, I started with exploring those Keyboard Shortcuts in the system first, but wasn’t able to find anything using Command-Shift-P, unfortunately. I will have a look at Shortcut Detective and see if that helps me figure it out.

Mea culpa: I discovered I had Command-Shift-P assigned (to not do anything…) in BetterTouchTool. Problem resolved.


Otherwise FWIW I was having the same issue; I just remapped the command to Cmd+Alt+P using the System Settings>Keyboard>Keyboard Shortcuts dialogue

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