Keyboard Shortcut - Invoke Drafts

I use my iPad Pro as my primary computer and use a hardware keyboard. All day long I would on multiple applications, but constantly am going in and out of Drafts.

Is there any way to invoke Drafts with a keyboard shortcut?


There probably is, but I just say:

“Hey SIRI,” then, “Open Drafts.”

I get a screen with Drafts and Drafts – notes mad easy.

I just touch “Drafts” and it opens.

There isn’t but it’s an iOS limitation. You could create a Siri shortcut with a crazy name but it’s actually more of a pain to get it open. I think the easiest thing is just to do command space and type “drafts” then arrow down to it. Realistically I command tab back to it most of the time.

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Either Command-Tab if you’ve used Drafts recently. If not, Command-Space and just typing “D” should do the trick if Drafts is your most used D app. No need to arrow, it’ll open whatever the first app displayed is even though it’s not highlighted.

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I did this, but it was a hardware solution. I’m using a HHKB Pro2 (any USB keyboard will do) plugged into a BT-500. Not only does this device turn wired keyboards into BlueTooth keyboards, it introduces keyboard mapping & macros.

In my case, mapped the Insert key (Fn + \ on my keyboard) to launch Drafts:


To set this up, I open up a text editor (Drafts works well!) and enter command mode (Ctrl + Option + Insert). Then I type the following to create my macro and map it to Insert:

macro edit 4
0xc000221 delay:500 d r a f t s delay:1000 enter
map add insert macro:4

By the way, another nice mapping is Forward-Delete for Lock (holding down Lock triggers Siri):

map add del_fw 0xc000030

I sure miss my mechanical keyboard and keyboard mappings when I’m away from my desk!