Keyboard navigation of HTML Forms

I’ve been creating lots of HTML Preview forms to replace some of the Prompts I was using in Drafts. One thing that I would really like is keyboard navigation of checkboxes. Google searches tell me that checkboxes should be navigable by the keyboard, but this doesn’t seem to be the case in Drafts. For example, with Greg’s example action, I can “Tab” through the text box and selection control, but there’s no way to highlight and check/uncheck the checkbox from the keyboard that I can tell. Something I’m doing wrong, or some additional HTML necessary to make this work?

Are you on a Mac? And if so, does alt-tab work?

Check your “Use keyboard navigation to move focus between controls” setting (in System Preferences ► Keyboard ► Shortcuts).

Thanks! that setting did it. I wonder why that wouldn’t be on by default?

Alt-tab has been captured by Contexts so I’m not sure whether it would work without flipping that switch in settings.

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