Keyboard navigation of drafts: bug?

I’ve noticed a problem that I think first started with the release of Drafts for Mac that introduced the new search feature. I’ve just (today: 23 April) updated to the latest release and the problem still exists:

Under certain circumstances (including the one described below), use of the keyboard to navigate the list of drafts and select one for editing doesn’t work. An Example:

  • With at least a few drafts in my inbox
  • Close the Drafts app window and leave it for a while
  • Return to Drafts and (due to my settings - new drafts after 30s) a blank draft is displayed
  • Press CMD+Enter to move control from the blank draft to the list of drafts
  • Press the down arrow to select the first draft in the list
  • The draft is highlighted in the list but the editor is blank
  • Press the down arrow again to move down the list
  • Again, the draft in the list is highlighted but the editor is blank
  • Press CMD+enter to edit the selected draft
  • Control moves to the editor but the editor remains blank

If at this point I use my mouse to click the selected draft in the draft list, the editor correctly shows the selected draft.

Hopefully these steps might help in recreating this issue.

I wouldn’t say it makes Drafts usable for me at the moment as I can use my mouse - but my muscle memory is all geared up to using the keyboard and I find I’m either slowed down a lot or fear I’m losing or messing up drafts/notes.

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AHHH! This is great, thanks for posting these details. That led me straight to the problem. It will be fixed in the next release. Also explains a bug with the “merge” function stopping working after a while that I’ve been having trouble tracking down.

Note: it is specific to the window having been closed and re-opened.


Brilliant! I’m very glad it helped.

I’ve been aware of this issue for a while (although also slightly fearful that I was going mad) but today was the first time I could really pin it down to a series of repeatable steps.