Keyboard-navigation of [[cross-links]]

I made an action to allow navigating [[cross-links]] via the keyboard (when you add a keyboard shortcut to the action). It handles the case of ambiguous links — i.e. those whose titles match more than one draft — and offers a template system for when new drafts are created, including tags inheritance. There are various configurable options.

Full information is in my blog post here:

You can download the action itself here:


Just a note that the action — and the accompanying ones mentioned in the blog post — have been updated to allow prepending arbitrary text to the titles of implicitly-created pages via cross-links. The prepended text is processed for Drafts template tags, so you can use this feature to create (for example) Zettelkasten-like datestamped titles for a knowledge repository. See the blog post linked above for more details.

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