Keep Bottom UI Buttons Visible

Hey everyone,

I have a question: Is there any way to keep the bottom navigation bar along the action bar? (Mock-up attached).

I rarely find myself needing more typing space when I’m on my iPhone but I often find myself hiding the keyboard and then pulling it back up mid-draft to access the buttons hidden below.

Is there any sort of action or keyboard set that will solve this?


I created this action to toggle the editor modes (the left part of the buttons in the bottom bar) I have it in a keyboard action group to quickly toggle the modes I select. You can also assign a keyboard shortcut. toggle editor modes | Drafts Directory

If you regularly use all of them you can create a single action for e.g. the pinning or arrange mode and assign a keyboard shortcut to speed things up


Amazing! Thanks @FlohGro !! Much appreciated.

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2nded! Requested this directly with dev a while ago. Would be great to then have 2 rows of actions :slight_smile:

Not sure if you are aware, but you can get to those bottom row commands, as well as all your action bar actions from the switcher above the keyboard. See:

@agiletortoise That’s great thanks! I wasn’t aware, I’ve come back to Drafts after a short hiatus. If you could fit next and previous draft on that menu it would be amazing - until then I will wrangle a keyboard action. Thanks again.