Just downloaded app - no actions?

from drafts screen i click drafts icon in upper right corner - goes to blank screen saying no actions found?

am i missing something? in videos i have seen there are pre-built actions that should populate.

There should be action groups installed by default,

You can always download the standard action groups (as well as actions) from the action directory. If you search for Agiletortoise, That will give you a list of them (and maybe even bonus ones - Iā€™m not sure what is standard any more).

This link should run the search.


That worked! Thanks!

There are links to each of the default groups in the Action Group docs.

Not sure how that happened. Have you ever had Drafts installed in the past? Did you get the first time launch onboarding when you launched (asking location permissions, etc.)?

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I have had it in the past, and I think it had actions then. when i reinstalled it did ask about location permissions and siri.