Journaling to Other Cloud Services

I tried the new journaling action. I like it a lot, but I’d like to use a cloud service not currently available in action scripting (one that is encrypted by default).

Is it possible to save to another iCloud Drive “location” (not iCloud)?

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I assume you mean another cloud service, not another iCloud service. If you can access the API, then you should be able to create something.

But just to point out, iCloud is actually encrypted in transit and at rest.

I mean if the third-party cloud service can be added to Files as a “storage provider” (if that’s the correct term). If it’s listed in Files, does that make it any easier to access from Drafts or via Shortcuts?

Drafts has an export action step which opens the file browser and can save to any of the destinations you have configured in the Files app. You do have to manually select the destination each time, and it is not possible to append to those files, only save new ones.

Is there a specific service you are trying to integrate with? Drafts has actions which can append to files via direct integration with iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive…or a WebDAV action that can work with files directly on any WebDAV enabled host.

@agiletortoise, I was trying to integrate with Tresorit. Does the ability to append require API access?

@sylumer I’m not entirely sure about trusting iCloud not to lose data. Heard another tech podcast host last week whose files had been lost. These reports are less frequent now, but I’d really expect Apple to develop a more robust system. Also, iCloud is a giant target for hackers. I will keep using iCloud, but don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket.

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Best I can tell from their website and a little Googling, Tresorit does not have a public API that could be integrated.

I’ve emailed Tresorit to find out. Not having a public API might be a security feature.

Tresorit support confirmed there is currently no public API. They will probably add it in the future, but there’s no ETA.

That pretty much limits what you can do with it. If they have a file provider in their app which appears in the Files app, then you can export to it. You might want to Journal in Drafts and periodically do export actions to send the finished journals to Tresorit.