Joplin - "send to Joplin"

Hi, would like to create an action “send to - Joplin” but failed right at the very beginning… Truly do not know how as Joplin does not appear as an app I could select.
What am I doing wrong?

Perhaps you could provide some more information?

  1. What platform are you using?
  2. Does Joplin show up as an option when you use the share sheet? It does for me on iPad.
  3. Where do you store/sync your Joplin notes.

I tried looking through the Joplin web site and forums for more information about how it works and what, if any, x-callback-url support (talked about, didn’t see any evidence of it being worked on) it had. The details I did find were unfortunately unclear as they were mainly forum posts addressing things in passing. The mobile configuration of the app was perhaps a little clearer in terms of posing an option.

I suspect your easiest, global method, might be to use Dropbox sync and use Drafts to write directly to dropbox and have Joplin pick up additions on sync. There are export to Dropbox actions in the action directory.

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I’m Mac & IoS… & also Linux on one iMac… but my main concern was Mac …
You’re right iPad & iPhone do actually allow me to share via share sheet… no such luck on Mac though.
As all machines - incl Linux one - sync to Drobpox this would solve my issue…

Guess I can achieve what I want by iPhone/iPad combo but I do mainly use my MacBook so having ability to share to Joplin from Mac would be great.

If you sync via Dropbox, you should therefore be able to use a Dropbox action from Drafts.

If you are using some other mechanism, as long as you can locate the folder on your Mac to write to, you can output to it.

There’s an example in this thread for prepending to a file outside of the Drafts sandbox, I might even have posted one for just writing to a new file at some point using the same technique.

But as far as I can tell, you should be covered for doing exactly what you want to do.

Thank you for the extra advice.

Will I be able to retain the markdown file structure?

Yes, you would just write the content as plain text to a file of your choice. Markdown is a plain text format. It has no file structure per se.

Thank you very much.

I also discovered your blog & Alfred’s Doctor Drafts workflow is gonna keep me up for a while :wink: Many thanks

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