JavaScript Tutors

Hey all,

I’m on the hunt for a JavaScript tutor. I’m UK based, Henley-on-Thames to be precise. Happy to do remote.

Does anyone know a good tutor?


Hi Aran!

I also live in the Henley constituency. I’m not sure you can find online tutors for javascript. But…

  1. I am some way up the Drafts automation-with-javascript learning curve.
  2. I’ve done a fair amount with javascript in general, though I wouldn’t say I’m fluent.

If I can be of some assistance let me know.

(I suppose I should read your posts and comments to figure out where YOU are on the learning curve.) :slight_smile:

Cheers, Martin Packer (the IBM one)

I too am looking to get a bit of Javascript under my belt. I don’t have any desire to become a programmer, but I can see the value in knowing a broad overview of how things work. I heard David Sparks on the Automator podcast say he’s not a programmer but a pro user. I feel the same way.

A lot of the resources I am finding all assume you want to learn to be a high level programmer. I just want to learn my way around creating Actions and how I can understand and adjust Javascript. I wonder if we could set up a Slack group for non-programming Pro users who could all learn the ropes together?

I wonder if it’s worthwhile trying to put together an online class?

I’m essentially a beginner. I understand some of the concepts and language. I want to get to the point of being a prosumer I guess. Scripting in Drafts, Shortcuts, Scriptable, OmniFocus, and so on.

The reason I’m not just using free online tools is that I’m time poor. I think a few hours of tutoring could get me where I need to be faster.

Very few people are truly expert javascript programmers - but we could all get better at it. I think that’s the best stance to take. And the “I’m not a programmer” thing is something it would help you to get past.

Having said that, I have programming “in my blood”.

So where do you suggest we start Martin? What’s the best way to jump in and get our feet wet without getting overwhelmed from the start.

This is something that I’ve been mulling over too. I know my way around Excel/Google Sheets and can do things that others have suspected I’ve applied some magic to. I’ve also worked on/integrated many systems in the capacity of a BA. So I’m comfortable enough interfacing between the end user and the tecchies.

Although I’ve written quite complicated SQL queries in the past, the need to actually programme in a language has never really been there. I too would like to be able to wrangle enough Javascript to write Drafts actions without having to post on here for help. Yes it would be useful for Google Sheets too (Apps Script), but beyond that, it seems like a daunting prospect, finding the ‘in point,’ just to knock up a few Drafts actions.

So if there were a few ‘enough Javascript to be dangerous in Drafts,’ articles/posts on here, I know I’d welcome that narrowing/focus to get me started on what seems a rather nebulous topic for the uninitiated.

See Learn JavaScript with me for various ideas and resources

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Thanks for sharing. Way too much noise in there for me. I was thinking more along the lines of blog posts on “this is how you do x in Drafts.” Tight, confined and not a sprawling thread. If it comes along some day, that would be great, but until then, I’ll steer clear. Cheers.

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That’s a good question. Can someone do a bit of legwork and check if any of the built-in actions have javascript steps? Those might be worth examining.

It would be nice if the action directory flagged those that had javascript in them. Otherwise, can people suggest good simple-ish actions in the directory? I have various ones that do things like wrapping selected text in stars (for bolding) but don’t know where they came from.

The overarching point is learning by seeing short working code.

My javascript actions are all, unfortunately, a bit niche. (Working Copy and the like.)

One other thing: The Drafts javascript docs are actually pretty good.

One other other thing :slight_smile: is: If you find a javascript workflow you don’t understand do feel free to paste the code in and ask how it works. I, for one, will try to help.

I read through that thread a couple times now, and for me, it is not all that helpful. I see there are examples, but they seem to assume you have some knowledge about how things are constructed and work. Some of the Links to Rosemary Orchard are broken, and overall it seemed like it was going in a more intermediate route.

I see the homework to create a prompt that asks for a markdown header and append a date. For me, that is like saying using numbers 1-10 - solve for x. I know what a prompt is - kind of - I don’t have a clue how to create one. And even after looking at the Solutions, it seems like latin to me. What’s the difference between var p = and p.addSelect and p. addTextField and so on.

It seems that thread assumes you know at least some of the basics of programming, of which I do not. I guess I need to grab a cup of coffee, a idiots guide book and start there.

Thanks Martin - seems like I have to get the very basics and terms first. I will keep an eye out for examples that are very simple and see if I can figure out how it works.

Greg’s docs are perhaps the best place to start.


The docs are useful but they don’t contain “real world” complete examples you’d actually want to use. (I don’t count this as a criticism, @agiletortoise, BTW.)

I’m thinking it’s highly likely @RosemaryOrchard has material of use in this area.

Could you let me know which links are broken and where they are?

I’m looking for good ones which don’t focus on writing for the web, that can be surprisingly hard to find!

Hi @RosemaryOrchard

The first one - your post from 4/27 Begins with “So I’ve been hard at work…” - I click on at first took me to a 404 page, and now I get a “This Connection is not private” message and won’t let me go to the page.

Same thing for your post on 4/29 that begins “Yes, it’s entirely possible…” Although, before it would take me to the general Automators talk site and not show me a Certificate issue.