iWatch not syncing with iPhone or iPad

How do you use Drafts v5 w an iWatch. I can dictate onto my iWatch and it shows up. I’ve dictated 5 short notes. But the watch isn’t syncing with the iPhone or iPad. Any suggestions.

Not elegant, but for now one thing that has worked for me is to completely uninstall and reinstall the apple watch app.

This is especially true if you have dictations “stuck” on your watch that simply won’t sync to your phone, no matter what else you try.

I know watch/phone sync is being actively worked on. Hopefully these issues will be fully solved within the next update release or so.

I downloaded version 5.2.

I can record onto my Apple Watch. The notes show up fine. What do I have to do to get them over to the App on my iPhone and iPad. They still do not synch automatically. I tried to unload Drafts from my Watch and reinstall but that doesn’t work. I does erase anything I’ve recorded on the iWatch.

Uninstall the app from the Watch, reboot (power down-up) the Watch, reinstall the app.


  • Launch Drafts on the phone and leave it (hit home button).
  • Launch Watch app - do your inbox drafts load up?
  • Try to capture again.

Updates should be pretty immediate. I think you may have gotten something stuck in the transport queue between watch-phone. Haven’t seen it come up too often, but now and then and only a reboot of the Watch (and occasionally the phone) seems to fix.

There was an issue with some captures not transferring, but I’m reasonably confident that is fixed in the 5.2 release.