Italian Language

I often use iOS Workflows for capturing text in DraftPRO.
My DraftPRO language is ENG and the automation ask me questions in English.
Is it possible to switch in Italian ?

Drafts itself, the app, is not localized in Italian. That said, many things can be renamed/customized and actions themselves (prompts, action names, etc.) can be changed to use whatever language you prefer.

If you have existing actions you want to customize, you can edit them and make changes to the steps and scripts to translate any strings to your preferred language.

“What would you like to capture?”

This is what it appears when I launch Drafts through Siri.
(and Siri also says that phrase below aloud)
How do I change that phrase in an Italian custom one ?

P.S.: of course SIRI is Italian in my iPhone. It is just reading an English sentence.

No, that is not something that can be changed, I’m afraid. Localization in other languages is something we’d like to pursue down the road, but right now only English is available.