Is there an Improved "Send to Drafts" Service?

One of my favorite features of Omnifocus 3 is it’s Omnifocus 3: Send to Inbox service. It creates a new task with the highlighted text as a title and note, and a link to the page, or with URLs it creates a task with the page title as the task title, and the URL as a note, etc. It’s one of those things that “just works” and it’s magic and I love it. In some ways it might be similar to Evernotes Webclipper, but I haven’t used that in years so I’m not sure what it does these days.


Is there a way to change the Send to Drafts service to act like the Send to Omnifocus 3 service, or a way to get the same type of “it just works” functionality out of Drafts?


Not with the Service. If you use the share extension via the toolbar in Safari, you can capture this additional information, formatted using the web capture template defined in Preferences.

There’s definitely room for improvement on the Services options. Hopefully something we can address in the future.

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