Is there a way to re-order the Default workspace?


I have my default workspace to be anything untagged. It’s my way of knowing which drafts I need to sort through and organize. I’d like that to appear FIRST in the workspace list and not last … Is that possible? For added points, I’d like to change the icon as well.

Is there a reason you need it to be the default one rather than a custom one? Given that you can reorder and choose and icon for the custom ones.

I’ve had that sort of setup since untagged as a search option came along.

Oh wow, my dumb brain didn’t think of that :slight_smile:

This then leads to a question: What is then the/a use of the default workspace? Thanks!!

Covered in the docs, but it’s the workspace that is applied when clearing filters - which is easily accessible from a number of locations using the [X] buttons.

It’s purpose is to have a way to fallback to a preferred unfiltered set of preferences (sort, etc.).

Got it. Thank you much!