Is there a way to Delete from within the note itself?

Is there a way to delete a draft note from the actual note creation screen rather than having to swipe right and then find the note to delete it?

It’d be great to see it here somewhere. Or is it just me?

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Was looking for this feature just a few minutes ago. Would be helpful to have…

if this helps:
I created an action which i use in the action bar to quickly “move” drafts.
Depending on the current state of the draft, different options will be shown.
Download it from the action directory.

If you really just want to trash a draft, this action might be the better option.


Tap and hold on the drafts icon. Lots of commands in the menus.


everyday there’s something new one can learn about this app :slight_smile:


And the problem is solved. :raised_hands:

True, and thanks for that, but I was referring to when you are IN the draft itself.

It’s because the slightly shadowed view in the menu is not distinguished enough for me to quickly find the draft that I am in (where in this case it’s not at the top of within the top say 20 in the list).

Are you on desktop or iOS?

That is from IN the Draft itself (i*OS). Looking at your image in th OP:

Hope this helps.

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Got it!
Thanks @wightwizard. Sorry @agiletortoise that arrow made all the difference. :facepunch:t5::+1:t5:

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