Is there a way to batch export notes from Bear into Drafts? Thanks!

I know you can get things from Drafts INTO Bear, but I want to move from Bear to Drafts. Thanks!

Maybe take a look at your options in Shortcuts for grabbing text from Bear notes, and building Drafts drafts from that. Bear isn’t exactly as automatable as Drafts, so you might be best off using an intermediary that can “talk” to both.

I have a suspicion however that you might need to manually build a list of Bear note IDs and use that to identify the notes in your batch unless i*OS13’s Bear app gives you a way to grab individual or sets of notes more easily than on iOS12.

Gotcha. Thanks! For now I’ll just drag and drop on my ipad.

I recently exported a bunch of notes from Bear and imported them into Drafts on the Mac.

First, I exported the Bear notes to .md files with inline tags.

Next, I modified a script from the Action Directory that finds inline tags in imported drafts and turns them into proper metadata tags. My script also removes the inline tags from imported notes/drafts so the bodies of your drafts aren’t cluttered with tags. Plus, it cleans up any extraneous whitespace at the end of the newly-tagged drafts.

Maybe others coming from Bear will find it useful.