Is there a limit of files?

Is there a hard or soft limit on how many drafts the app can handle on iOS? With soft limit, I mean where the app becomes slow to filter and search the content. I am considering using it for a project that could potentially lead me to 10-30k drafts stored. Has anyone had experience with more significant amounts of drafts?

This sort of question has come up before. Here is a link to one of the times to get a sense of the position.

Note that the hardware used will have a direct impact on performance and that Drafts operates on a database rather than file scans which result in higher performance than the alternative.

How you apply meta data will also affect your options regarding how you work with the data. Constrainting by a tag and searching a subset of draft content for example should be more efficient that searching the content of all drafts.

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Thanks for your answer and for pointing out that similar question. I tried searching the forum before but probably used other terms in my search that did not return any sensible results.

I will try and see how it goes. Thank you!