Is there a library of Templates?

Is there a library of templates created by others that can be uploaded into my DRAFTS file?

Thank you.

Saluda, NC

In Drafts, some people use other drafts, files, and actions to populate new drafts with content as a template. Others have used TextExpander to populate the content instead, or even an Apple Shortcuts shortcut. Then there are also Draft templates…

… Draft template tag-based templating and Mustache-based templating are both feature options to build content dynamically with tagging (not requiring any scripting in actions, which can take things even further).

In effect, “Templates” covers a variety of things when talking about Drafts!

The directory is the collection of downloadable additions for Drafts, but there is no template category. Currently at least.

If you are just looking for the first template type of some sort of text-based content to copy & paste into a draft that you can then re-use, then people I think generally produce their own, or copy them from productivity and note-taking websites as Drafts is “just the tool” in that respect; and as noted, there are many ways to apply something.

Perhaps if you could list out a few specific examples of what you are looking for, people might be able to share some examples here of what they use for similar scenarios?