Is it possible to show the contents of a draft in Siri natively?

Hello, I’m trying to figure out how to show the contents of a draft in Siri. This is my use case: I have a draft that records some data about my personal life, and I update this draft via Siri Shortcuts. I’m trying to build a Morning Routine shortcut which, ideally, works like this: every morning, I invoke Siri using the custom phrase and Siri will give me a morning report of some things I would like to know, one of which is the content of the aforementioned draft. Currently I’m experimenting with the Get Contents of Draft action in Siri Shortcuts and then present the content with the Show Result action. But the problem with this approach is Shortcuts will launch Drafts to get the contents of this draft and show me the contents of this draft in an alert. I would like to have Siri read the content to me, so how can I accomplish this? Thank you in advance!