Is it possible to search for a soft line break?

Cmd-K (inspired by Emacs) is the default “delete to end of line” short cut on MacOS. In Drafts, a “line” is considered to run through the next linefeed character. So pressing Cmd-K somewhat irritatingly deletes to the end of paragraph (not overly useful, I think)
If it were possible to detect a soft line break, one could write an action to simulate Emacs’ delete to end of line.

There’s no way to do that in Drafts. I’ll put in on the list to explore if I get time, but it would not be very straight-forward to implement, and it’s got to interact with the low-level OS text drawing routines to try to convert and calculate ranges based on the current drawing environment - as there is no such thing as a “soft return” in the text.

Thanks. I was afraid that it might be not straight forward. I’m a longtime Emacs user which has a clear distinction between soft and hard line breaks. But that’s of course not the case every where.