Is it possible to delete/rename tag(s)? [SOLVED]

Maybe I’m blind but is it somehow possible to delete a tag?
I just saw that they disappear in the filter view when no draft has this tag, but i couldnt find a way to delete a tag completly and remove it from all drafts?

same thing for renaming tags, is this possible?

I’ve been using this simple, but effective one by @nahumck Replace tag…

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Tags delete themselves when there is no longer any drafts assigned to that tag.

You can use Select > Operations to do bulk changes. There’s not a “rename” but you can filter by the tag, tap and hold “Select” to select all drafts, then use Operations > Add Tag and Operations > Remove Tag to change them all over to a different tag.


For renaming I put this together


Tags do delete themselves when there is no longer any drafts assigned to that tag but you need to clear recents (in the tag bar) to get them out of your tag bar.

That’s a neat one. You have the basis for a whole tag refactoring / cleanup system.

In some tagsonomies case matters and it’s easy to end up with cluttered variants. I’m not sure this is the case in Drafts, though.

The way that tags die off with lack of use is such a good feature; it becomes a self-curating list and sidesteps a whole mire of configuration procrastination.

In case this saves anyone a little bit of time–yes, the tag auto-deletes after you delete notes associated with it, but it took me a while to realize that this has to include deleting any notes in that tag’s trash, too.