iPhone: When adding a new point in a list, the first letter I tap onto the grammarly keyboard doesn't get put in drafts

This problem is for iPhone. The keyboard is Grammarly. I’ve tested with the default keyboard and it works fine.

On Drafts, I would make a bullet list. I finish the first bullet. Then I click enter (or return) and get to the next one. Now, if my keyboard is Grammarly and I type a letter, it doesn’t get entered. Clicking again will cause it to be entered, however.

This leads to situations where I mindlessly type text into Drafts and when I look at it, I see a bullet list with the first letter missing from every first word. It’s quite irritating.

I can reproduce this, but it seems like the keyboard is not sending the character to Drafts.

My guess is that there’s some sort of unusual interaction going on. The auto addition of the hyphen and space in Drafts is somehow confusing Grammarly, which is mibitoring what’s been entered to do its magic.

I suspect therefore that the application of a workaround is more likely to be required on the Grammarly side. Assuming that it is a confusion from the auto insertion of text as outlined above.

I can reproduce here, too, but it’s definitely something in Grammarly. I ran it in the debugger and the correct things are happening in Drafts…and I can’t reproduce the same in GBoard or other third party keyboards, so I don’t think there’s much to be done about it on Drafts’ end. :man_shrugging: