iPad Drafts and Voice Control

When I have Voice Control turned on now I cannot use Drafts. I put the cursor into the writing area and the focus jumps straight out. It is the same even after I have told Voice Control to stop listening.

I turn off Voice Control and Drafts works the same as before for typing.

I like dictation with Voice Control.

Anyone else with the same problem? I did delete Drafts and re installed but it did not fix the problem.

What version of iOS and Drafts are you running? What exact sequence of voice commands are you using?

Just briefly tested on iPadOS 16.2 with current version of Drafts and “Open Drafts” worked to open the app and I could immediately start dictating in a new note.

Using the beta versions of iPad oS. Latest version of Drafts. Can’t use any voice commands in Drafts because the focus jumps out of the writing area when. Voice Control is activated.

I was able to reproduce based on the video you sent in. This seems to be a Voice Control bug interacting with the focus system. You can workaround by un-pinning the draft list at left. It only happens with that active.

I will research further if I can workaround in Drafts, or at least report to Apple.