iOS version - links open from scroll touches while in "link mode"

It seems like something recently changed with how Drafts for iOS handles touch events on links while in “link mode”. Steps to reproduce:

iOS version 13.1.2
Drafts version 15.2.5
Device: iPhone X

  1. Create a note with some text and a URL or a Markdown link
  2. Tap the blue “link” icon in the bottom of the toolbar
  3. Begin scrolling with a vertical swipe that begins on top of a link
  4. The initial screen touch is registered as a “tap” on the link, and the in-app browser immediately opens

The expected behavior would be for the note to scroll like any other scrolling view on iOS, and for links to only open from an actual “tap” on the link. But it seems like the touch-start event to begin a scroll, if it is on top of a link, is activating the in-app browser.

This was a change Apple made in iOS 13.1 that I certainly consider a bug in the OS. The system is now triggering links in text views immediately on touch down, where it used to allow delay of the touch gesture to allow scrolling.

It’s cause trouble for a lot of apps, and hopefully they will address in 13.2 (although they have not yet in the beta). Please report to Apple via Feedback Assistant! More reports help draw attention to the problem.

Ah! I will report it to them, then — thanks.