iOS URL Scheme: Open Drafts showing the Inbox?

I’m trying to open Drafts showing the Inbox (without searching for anything) via the URL scheme.

I’ve tried a few variations of the URL below, but can’t get anything to work.


Can anyone help? :slightly_smiling_face:

That URL scheme is not currently supported in Drafts 5. Docs cover what is implemented. That worked in Drafts 4 and should probably be added, just has not been much demand for it. I will put it back on the feature list.

Both the /search and /workspace URLs do open the draft list. Might help for now.

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Thanks, drafts5://x-callback-url/search does what I was wanting! :+1:t3:

I for one would love to be able to select the Inbox folder via script.

I have a script to start Processing drafts, but sometimes I end up starting from the Archive folder - the next automatically opened draft in Focus mode is then an archived / already processed draft.

If I could set Inbox as the selected folder first, would save me from having to manually recheck the folder I’m in.

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