iOS shortcut to create or append daily note

Hi All,

I’m sure this is incredibly simple, but I really can’t find how to get it started!!

I’d like an ios shortcut I can call from Siri which either:

  1. Creates a new daily note (yyyy-mm-dd) if it doesn’t exit or
  2. Appends the daily note if it exists

Does anyone have a pre-made shortcut to do this or point me in the right direction please?



I made an action to open / create a daily journal note:

You’re talking about appending - do you want a shortcut / action that appends to that daily note or just open it?

Maybe the code in the action points you into the right direction.

You can built an iOS shortcut to run that action :blush:

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I think this does what you are asking for.


That looks spot on - thank you.

A couple of questions though if I may:

  1. Will this create a new daily note if it doesn’t already exist?
  2. Is there a way of making Drafts open straight to dictation?

Thanking you!!


  1. Yes. If you look at the shortcut content you’ll see both a creation and append option are included based on the existence of a daily draft for the current date. It is very easy for you to test by renaming any current daily draft.
  2. You could use a URL scheme call to dictate to a new draft, or you could include Shortcuts dictation instead of the prompt to type text; but I’m not clear on what you are asking for in relation to how it would work with this particular request if you are going “into” Drafts. Perhaps a few more details of what you want to do would help?

Yep - you’re right I was being lazy

  1. I should have just tested this thank you!
  2. You’re completely right, if I call the shortcut from Siri dictation then it captures the note using dictation!

Apologies for being lazy - this is 100% what I needed!

I was trying to create this myself today and failed spectacularly. Thanks for showing me how it should be done! I’ll use this to create a podcast note log where each draft is either a podcast or an episode and subsequent notes for the same podcast is just appended.