iOS keyboard command for full screen text editing

This morning I was writing something up on my iPad and I wanted to just have the editing window open and I wondered whether there was a keyboard command I could quickly invoke to make the items list, on the left, and the action groups/list, on the right, become minimized/hidden, and just see the draft I was writing. While trying to figure this out, I started to hunt for a list of iOS keyboard commands for Drafts, but couldn’t find that either. Is there a way I can quickly just have the text editing window open by invoking a keyboard command? (And is there a master list of default/standard keyboard commands?)

Hold down CMD to see the available keyboard shortcuts.

  • CMD+0 toggles the visibility of the actions list (on the right).
  • CMD+1 toggles the visibility of the drafts list (on the left).

You could also assign a keyboard shortcut to a custom action to combine any set-up that you like.

Hope that helps.


Excellent—I had a feeling there was an obvious way to do this, but couldn’t seem to figure it out. Thanks!