IOS 14 Spotlight “Search in Apps”

Sometimes Drafts shows up here, other times it doesn’t. Is there a setting to trigger to maintain it? Thanks.

In Settings > Siri & Search > Drafts, there are search options. Maybe check those?

Those are all on. It seems to show when the word is a minor term in a draft vs a when it is a major recurring one. Those seem to pop up higher.

The only other thing I can suggest then is that maybe it is just Siri’s machine learning still getting to grips with things? Nothing practical to do about that, but maybe it could explain the behaviour?

As far as I know there’s no way to control what’s there, it’s some iOS level voodoo.


If it’s iOS deciding what does and doesn’t show up, the usual solution in my experience is to use it, a lot. E.g. always try to search from spotlight, if it’s not there try going all the way down the bottom of the list to more or whatever it’s called etc etc. Hopefully iOS will realise you want to see stuff from Drafts.

I’d suggest, too, disabling as many apps as you don’t want in there.

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