iOS 14 Beta Ideas

I’m working hard on iOS 14 updates for Drafts. Clearly, great widget support is coming to Drafts, but I’m interested in input from people exploring the iOS 14 Public Beta, or just watching Apple’s keynotes, what feature you see that might new in iOS 14 that would make a good fit for integration in Drafts.

I have a few ideas of my own, but would love to hear from others what they are excited about.

Will the ability to switch the default Mail app have an impact on existing Drafts actions / open up new action possibilities?

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That I do not know. Something I plan to look into…but hard to know since the feature is not yet in the beta and requires support be implemented by the Mail apps. My assumption is just that, like on Mac, all it means is that mailto: links can be routed to a different mail app…so that would work find with URL-based email actions that just open a mailto link.


I’m not sure if this is something you can control or not, but when using Scribble, it’s really unclear when the text will be appended to the same line or to the next line. So while it does technically work out of the box, it’s not exactly a smooth experience (no surprise).

One idea would be to split the view into 2 sections (handwritten on the bottom, typed detected words on top). Another idea would be to have an overlay and as soon as you hit a “Done” button, it sends everything as text to the Draft.


I would submit that as feedback straight to Apple, since it seems to be the case in any app using Scribble


Agree with @dfay. Scribble is a system wide feature, so it is not generally a good idea to attempt to make it work differently than it does in other apps.


I’ve actually switched Scribble off – I often use the pencil to scroll up and down through text, and it engages Scribble every time I try to do that.

That is absolutely something to submit to Apple in feedback. They very much adjust the gestures during the beta cycle and need to hear about pain points.


Yes I agree. Another issue with Scribble which I hope will be widely reported is the undo behavior. It tends to undo the last three or four words even if you only just want to undo a single character.

Would be great if Widgets could be configured based on Workspaces. This would allow me to have a quick shortcut to the notes I need based on user defined parameters.
From there, I’d be great to directly append from dictation, for example, or other common actions beyond just opening the note.
It would also be great if you can configure the widget to show the content of the note, or just the link to a list of notes.


I’d love to be able to view the content of a draft on a widget too.

I would love a review workflow in draft

Though it looks likethatvit could be done with a tagged based system like in flash cards.

But Tags tend to be polluted and become messy in my drafts usage.
Any good knead tho add review as a separate function or property?

I’ve created a shortcut that I’ve placed in a stack that sort of accomplish this but it would be great to see it happen “natively” through an official Drafts Widget.


I have noticed that the Apple Reminders App is now able to create subtasks.
It might be a idea to look how to generate them from drafts.
Has anyone seen a documentation of the callback api to add subtasks yet?

Apple has not provided any API to work with Reminders sub-tasks. On 14, Shortcuts has the ability to read them, but not create them, if I understand correctly - but no similar functionality if available to third party apps.