(iOS 13) First letter capitalized after moving to end of line

I have “Capitalize” turned on in settings for the start of sentences, as I have since before updating my iPhone and iPad to iOS 13. Since the update, though, Drafts also capitalizes the first letter I type after moving to the end of the line regardless of punctuation. For example, let’s suppose I were to type:

The quick briwn fox

then realize my error, skip back (either with the back arrow on an external keyboard or just tapping on the mistyped word with my finger) and correct the typo. When I jump back to the end of the line to continue typing, I would get this:

The quick brown fox Jumped over …

I am pretty sure this is new for iOS 13. I use the standard iOS keyboard or the Apple keyboard cover. Am I doing something wrong? If it’s a bug, any chance this will get fixed soon?

I can’t reproduce this here. Anyone else seeing this issue?

If it helps, I just tested it again and it seems as though it only happens when I am typing with the Apple keyboard cover, not the touchscreen iOS keyboard.

I am experiencing this with external keyboards too. Brydge and Smart Keyboard. I thought I saw it on the Mac on Saturday too, but don’t quote me on that until I/someone else can verify it.

OK, did not realize it was an external keyboard specific thing. It’s not a Drafts thing, however. I can reproduce in other apps (1Writer, etc.). Think this is a behavior change on Apple’s part, intentional or not. Likely not something I could easily fix/change.


The problem has continued to iOS 14. Congratulations Apple, Keyboard “Downgrade”.

this sound really strange.
It probably is not an hardware error.

Does this only happen at the end of a document?

Did anyone report this to Apple?

As far as I see it - it is not solvable by drafts.
Am I right?

try to develop a deeply integrated system in a quick pace and see what you will discover of strange bugs.

Please consider us developers/engineers as fellow humans.

I wonder if this is related to my Logitech keyboard cover turning backticks into the letter “a”. Very annoying.