"Invalid Draft: Draft not found" via Shortcuts

I have a draft action that’s my modification of “Search Field Mega Action”. I know the action works.

I configured Shortcuts to execute the action via triple tapping of the back of my phone.

I can’t remember a damned thing about how I set up the shortcut, or modified the action (my brain has a short data rot cycle!)

I think it worked ok for a while, but now when I triple tap, I get “Invalid Draft: Draft not found”.

Can anyone point me to the fail point? If it’s not obvious to you guys, I’ll just dive in and relearn the stuff I used to know, so I can start forgetting it again…

Also: Super annoying that “Back Tap” doesn’t work through my iPhone’s case. I need to tap through the camera cut-out, which is way less convenient (and I’m probably smudging the bejesus out of my camera lens!).

Can you share your action? Without it we are guessing at your changes.

Also, if you are passing around any UUID from Shortcuts, to whatever final action you run, it could be that the draft with that UUID no longer exists.

Yeah, I could see that, but it shouldn’t depend on a specific draft as it’s just a query to launch a search.

I’ll take a closer look at the action tomorrow, but once I crack it open I’ll most likely see it through. I just thought this might jar an easy answer from the brain trust…