Interested in hiring a Drafts programmer

I’m currently using three Draft Actions (triggered separately) to achieve a client tracking routine for my workflow.

I would like to incorporate them all into a single Drafts Action (one set of input prompts to create one Omnifocus Project, and two new Drafts in one step).

I’m very fortunate to be working steadily and do not have the time to sit down and learn what I would need to know to work this out myself, so I would like to hire a Drafts programmer.
If anyone in this community is interested in discussing this, please reach out.

I’ve posted the entire job breakdown below.

I hope that I am not breaking rules for soliciting work. If I am, I’ll understand why my post is removed.


I’d like my “master” Drafts action to do the following;

  1. Prompt for input variables
  2. Create an OmniFocus Project using some of these variables
  3. Create a new Draft (Accounting Draft) with some of these variables, tagged and archived
  4. Create a second Draft (Discography Draft) with some variables, tagged and archived


The input variables will be;

1. What is the name of the band? [text input field - no default text] <<bandname>>
2. How many songs? [text input field - no default text] <<song_number>>
3. What is the scope of work? [text input field] <<scope>> (default text: "Drums, Guitars, Bass, Vocals")
4. What is the rate? [text input field] <<rate>> (default text: "$ ")
5. Who does the billing go to? [text input field - no default text] <<billing>>



The Omnifocus project should be placed in a folder named “Bands” and can be done with the following TaskPaper format;

- «bandname» Project @autodone(true) @parallel(false)
	- make an auto-text snippet for «bandname» on each system @tags(Computers)
	- make a Numbers spreadsheet for «bandname» @tags(Mac Mini)
	- make Google Doc work list for «bandname» @tags(Mac Mini)
	- build folder structure for «bandname» on hard drives @tags(Mac Pro)
	- build FolderSyncronizer script for «bandname» @tags(Mac Pro)
	- add Keyboard Maestro backup trigger to macro palette for «bandname»'s FolderSyncronizer script @tags(Mac Pro)
	- find budget and billing information for «bandname» @tags(Email)
	- check to see if W9 was ever issued to «bandname»'s record company @tags(Mac Mini)
	- generate invoice for «bandname» @tags(Mac Mini)
	- generate W9 (?) for «bandname» @tags(Mac Pro)
	- send invoice (& W9?) for «bandname» @tags(Mac Mini)
	- update Drafts entry for «bandname» @tags(Drafts App)
	- receive payment for «bandname» @tags(Mac Mini) @defer(30 days)

Once the Omnifocus Project has been created, the resulting Draft with the TaskPaper information can be placed in the trash.

Accounting Draft

The first of the two Drafts should be in the following format;

# «bandname»

- <<song_number>> songs
- <<scope>>
- $ <<rate>> per song
- billing to: <<billing>>

- invoice #
- to be sent 
- *payment pending*

This draft should have 2 tags: ‘accounting active’ & ‘band’ and can be immediately archived

Discography Draft

The second of the two Drafts should be in the following format;

Add **<<bandname>>** to discography

Album Title: 
Release Date:

This draft should have 2 tags: ‘discography’ & ‘band’ and can be immediately archived.

Here are screen caps of my current prompts for reference:

IMG_3900 IMG_3901 IMG_3902 IMG_3903 IMG_3904

Did anyone reply to this and offer to help?

No. :frowning_face: Though it’s pretty low priority for me these days.