Interact Scratchpad (Mac) now a free download

A few of you might be interested to know I’ve updated and released my contact creation utility Interact Scratchpad for Mac.

It is now a free utility that lets you take a block of text and have contact information, like name, address, email, phone numbers, etc, automatically identified and converted into a contact record - without the pain of copying and pasting each field into individual fields in the Contacts app.

Also works great with Drafts, either via the Send to Interact action, or the “Services” menu.

I used to sell this utility in the App Store, but I’m just going to maintain it for now as a free app for those who find it useful - partially because I continue to use it myself. :slight_smile:


awesome! looks fantastic. is there a drafts send to interact action :)?

best and thx


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There is a send to Interact Drafts action mentioned n the post. Is that what you were looking for?

There isn’t an interact iOS app anymore. So, this has to be Mac Only for sending text from drafts to Interact. Is that correct?

Not sure which one I love more - Interact or Terminology… Thank you, Greg.


Correct. Mentioned on the linked page, but I do not intend to update the iOS version. It’s way to broken to be fixed for newer OS releases.

Thanks for maintaining Interact Scratchpad. I have some creaky scripts that turn a line of text into a vCard, which I can then import into Contacts… but I have to put the text in the right order (name, title, company…) and separate with tabs. Your app is much easier!

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Funny - i forget that terminology is from greg - seconded!

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Thankyou - installed