Integration Drafts with Microsoft ToDo-App ( previously Wunderlist)

I search for an integration of Drafts with Microsoft ToDo ( previously Wunderlist )

I have not found out whether there is such a thing already existing, It seems there is nothing. There is only something with Microsoft Word.

If there is no ready tool, can someone help me how to create such a script ?

Many thanks for the effort

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I do not believe they support integration from their end. I know Wunderlist never had URL schemes support or an API to allow other apps to create tasks, so there was no way for Drafts to integrate. Possible that has changed, but I haven’t not seen any examples.

Thanks for the friendly answer. I wish you a nice day.


Keeping in mind that I’ve only played with Microsoft Todo briefly, there might be a work around. If you add your Microsoft account to iOS, most of the Todo lists appear in reminders. Keeping in mind that I have no idea how this would work with any smart lists etc, if you add a task to a basic list in Reminders, it appears in Todo. Therefore, using Drafts Reminder support might get you what you need.

So basically, go into iOS settings, accounts and passwords, and add, I think an outlook account. Make sure Reminders is set to on and all your lists from Todo should appear in Reminders. At least, it worked for me yesterday.

Hope this helps.

I think this has changed now
Use the Microsoft To Do API - Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Docs

It would be great to see some MS todo actions!

Hi — Another To Do fan here. By no means will the following do everything you want, but maybe it’ll give you or someone else a start. This script takes the first line of the current draft and posts it to a To Do task list, given an API key and a To Do folder ID, and then puts the API response in a new draft.

let api = "Bearer YOUR_API_KEY",
// Show folder list by querying
   folder = "YOUR_FOLDER_ID"; 

let current = draft.processTemplate("[[line|1]]"),
	req = new HTTP(),
	result = req.request({
	    encoding: 'json',
		method: 'POST',
		data: ({
			title: current,
		headers: {
			'Content-type': 'application/json; charset=UTF-8',
			'Authorization': api
		url: "" + folder + "/tasks",
d = new Draft();
d.content = result.responseText;

This works as far as I can tell, but of course please use caution in trying it out. Good luck!