Integration/actions for Rocketbook

I have just started using Rocketbook ( to capture notes. I would love to have a way to send these notes directly to Drafts.
Has anyone done this?
Is there a way to send email to drafts (hack that would work)?
Any others want to see this feature?

Configure your RocketBook app to include a destination in iCloud (and specifically the OCR’d text). This is at least a destination Drafts can access, as there is no web API for Drafts and Rocketbook works with explicit destinations the app is coded to work with.

Then, once saved to iCloud, you could either create a Drafts action or an Apple Shortcuts shortcut to move files from the Rocketbook app folder to the Draft Inbox folder in iCloud. Now you may (I haven’t tested if this can run in the background) be able to do this using a Shortcuts automation to trigger a shortcut. But inevitably you would have a delay (as the shortcut would be triggered at a specific time or times), or need to trigger manually.

If you happen to have a Mac running 24x7, you could have that move the files in iCloud automatically for you using a folder watch automation, Hazel rule set, or a Keyboard Maestro folder trigger.

Once the files move, you need to have a device running Drafts (just one) set to import from the inbox folder.

Hope that helps.

Thanks - The only problem I have is that the iCloud doesn’t have an OCR option, so I don’t get the OCR’ed text

I guess the Rocketbook folks must be doing OCR on their servers or something and this isn’t going via their servers. I had a check through mine and saw the same restriction of options. Though strangely Dropbox too, which then makes me wonder if it is only for file storage providers - which would be a little strange.

Any chance you have access to an always on Mac with any automation tools and a way to apply OCR? A lot of us went down that path early on with Hazel and PDF Pen for example.