Integrating with Apple Journal on iPhone

I’ve become a fan of Apple’s new Journal app on iPhone (only). But I prefer to use an external keyboard and my Mac for entering text. So I type it into Drafts on my Mac, and then it’s easy to copy and paste to Journal on my iPhone. Once it’s transferred to Journal, I delete the entry from Drafts.

Does anyone have any tips on integrating Drafts and Journal that might make this even easier? I’ve been watching the list of integrations that are available but didn’t see anything that works with Journal.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no way to create content in the Journal app from outside the app. It did not even ship with Shortcuts support.

Thanks, I kinda suspected that. One of the reasons I like it is how protected and private it is. But that has the side effect of no external connections.

There is a share extension that allows text from Drafts to be shared into the app.

Also developers can
also add the journal suggestions to their apps like Day One did.

That sounds like exactly what I’m looking for. Where do I find it?

In the standard iOS share sheet. Scroll through it and you will see Journal.

I would be interested in an integration of the Journaling Suggestions API for Drafts the other way around (e.g. open the journaling suggetions UI within drafts and allow to add those suggestions to the current draft).

Not sure about the underlying types (images,…) that are not supported in Drafts.

mainly to ease journaling in Drafts :slight_smile:

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Same here. Yes. This would be ideal.

I swear, I looked there before but didn’t see it. Thank you – that’s what I wanted! Thank you.

I see it in the Share sheet in Drafts on my iPhone (and it works fine), but not on my Mac. What am I missing?

As you mentioned in your initial post, Apple’s Journal app is only available on the iPhone so there won’t be a Share Sheet action available on the Mac. The idea may be to write your journal entry on the Mac, with the advantage of the keyboard and large screen which Drafts will then sync to the iPhone, and then use the iPhone Share Sheet to push the text into the Journal app.

Hope that helps.


Well, not that worry with Day One… for 10 years already…!

Yes would be awesome :slight_smile: