Integrating prizmo go

I’m trying to set up a keyboard button to fire up Prizmo Go, recognise some text, then return to Drafts 5 and paste the text it captured back in.

I thought this would just be a callback URL action step, so I added this;

prizmogo://x-callback-url/captureText? input=camera&ocr=en&destination=callback&validate=true

which should return the parameter ‘text’ containing the OCR’ed text.

I left the settings for Drafts to manage callback URLs.

When I invoke this, however, drafts just emits an error noise and slides down a red notice saying ‘Prizmo Go’, which I believe is from the name of the action.

Any ideas where I’m going wrong here?

You have a space in the URL scheme above, is that in the one in Drafts too? If so that might be causing the error.

You’re absolutely right, thank you @RosemaryOrchard - I can’t believe I missed that.

In a way, I can; I tried to copy-and-paste from PrizmoGo, where an example callback URL is provided; however, it’s not selectable, so I had to screenshot it, then feed it back into PrizmoGo, where I guess the space crept in. Some kind of lesson has been learnt here, I suppose!

So now this works as expected, how do I get the contents of a parameter in the callback and paste it at the cursor position? I guess that’s going to be some JavaScript, or is there a foolproof alternative?

Woot! Glad it was a “simple” fix :wink:

I would suggest using the [[callback_result]] parameter as documented here, you need to make sure Wait for Response is enabled in your callback action, and then you can just use an Insert Text action step afterwards.

This is magical! Thanks! I’ve had Prizmo on my phone for a while but never really had a way to integrate it with my usual workflow. Problem solved.

Thanks again, @RosemaryOrchard - so the parameter is available in the “Insert Text” action, and a swift [[callback_parametername]] inserts it. I updated the Prizmo invocation to set the parameter name for the returned text to ‘prizmotext’ so it can be "Insert Text"ed as [[callback_prizmotext]].

The action is uploaded now, but assumes ① you’re OCRing in English, and ② capturing directly from the camera.

Insert from Prizmo Go


This is fabulously useful — Thanks to everyone who pulled it together

Just came across this - extremely useful for taking notes out of print books. Thanks!

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