Integrating Drafts with Notion using

Hi there! I’m new to Drafts (and Automate). As a Notion user, I’ve decided to use for API integrations since Notion just bought Automate

I was just wondering if there’s a way to use with Drafts? Apparently if Drafts supports Rest API then in theory it should be possible. Thanks!

I haven’t used, but looks pretty similar to Zapier. I imagine the setup would be pretty similar, as they seem to support both Webhook and email triggers for automation.

I’d start by looking at the Zapier integration guide and see if those ideas translate cleanly.

Thanks, @agiletortoise - I have found the Zapier info but I don’t have enough expertise to generalize the instructions to Automate io - All of the tutorials I’ve found involve looking through the Drafts marketplace to install the Zapier action.

I found this for example but can’t see what to put in to make it work with Automate rather than Zapier.

@melhopkop the steps in should be to catch the upcoming webhook, then you need to paste that link into Drafts action in replacement to “paste Zapier webhook” and it should work well. In you need to create a database item, select database and that should send drafts to your DB.

It would be great to be able to have better formatting - it pastes as 1 block, and to be able to pick template, so there is room to improve, but you can move content easilly